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What items are in stock?

Pro-Bind 2000s, Pro-Bind 1000s, Crimpers, Create-A-Covers, Glue Strips , Utility Covers

How quickly can a stock order ship?

If inventory is available the order can usually ship same day if the P.O. is received by 12:00 p.m. CST.

What is the turn time on a custom order?
15-20 business days after proof approval.

Is a rush available?
Yes, please contact customer service or your distributor for prices and availability.

What is the minimum quantity for a stock order? For a custom order?
The minimum quantity for a Utility Cover order is 100 pieces, all the same color and spine size. The minimum order for glue strips is 100 pieces. On a custom order, the minimum order is 300 pieces for soft thermal covers, presentation or tax folders and two piece report cover sets. The minimum order for thermal hard covers is 20 pieces.

Can I mix spine sizes in a soft cover thermal cover order?
Yes! The material type and sheet size must be the same for all of the spine sizes. Decorated and undecorated orders have different minimums – contact customer service for assistance.

Can I mix spine sizes in a thermal hard cover order?
Yes! The material type and sheet size must be the same for all the spine sizes. Decorated and undecorated orders have different minimums – contact customer service for assistance.

What are some of the standard window dies you have?
For soft covers and two piece report cover sets, the most popular window dies are the 1 ¾ x 4 with round corners and the 2 x 4 with round corners. For hard covers, the 4 ½ x 6 with square corner, 3 x 3 with square corners and 5 x 5 with square corners are the most popular. We have many dies – just contact customer service with your measurements and we'll be happy to check for you.

Do you provide art services?
Yes. There is an addition charge for art services. Please contact customer service or your distributor.

If I pay for a die, do I own it?
Yes. We will use it on future order for no additional cost. We can also ship you your die.

Can I use a stamping/embossing die I have from another vendor?
Yes. It must be a copper die.

What format should I send in artwork?
High resolution, press ready PDF files are preferred. Adobe Illustrator or EPS files are also accepted. Please note: Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) Microsoft Publisher or low resolution files of any sort (JPEG, GIF or TIFF) are not accepted.

What information do I need to get a quote?
Product Type: (ex: Hard Cover, Soft Cover, 2- piece Cover sets)
Material: (ex: Prestige Linen, Leatherflex, Nuba)
Decoration: (ex: 1 position Foil Stamp, 2 color printing)
Quantity: (ex: 300, 3,000, 30,000)

Can I only use the papers in the stock book or can you quote other stocks for me?

You are not limited to the stocks in the swatch book. Please let us know the paper mill manufacture, type of paper and color. You can also send us a sample of the paper and will match its as close as possible.

What is a Matchprint? Do I have to return it?
A matchprint is a proof that is printed on color neutral stock, on a specialty printer that is calibrated to match our specific offset press profile. It is required on all four color process offset projects because the PDF proof we send you will not be color accurate (your monitor can only display RGB colors, not CMYK). After the PDF is approved, we'll print the matchprint and send it to you for your approval. You return it and our press crew uses it to set up the proof – they "match the print" of the proof. By only producing one matchprint, everyone is viewing the same version, and this assures you get the best color for your project.

Will you ship third party?
Yes. All we need is your account information on the P.O.

Will you drop ship?
Yes. There is a drop ship charge. Please contact customer service or your distributor for information.

What's the difference between a Pro-Bind 2000 and a 1000?
The Pro-Bind 1000 is made of plastic, is a physically smaller unit, capable of binding up to 3/4" capacity covers. It can only bind one thermal at a time. There is only one cycle button - if you wish to bind a hard cover, you have to push the button twice to run it through two cycles.

The Pro-Bind 2000 is made of metal, is physically larger, and is capable of binding up to 2". It can bind several thermals at a time. It has separate buttons for the hard and soft cover cycles.

Why do I need a Crimper?
The Hard Cover Crimper gives all hardcovers a square, tight spine.

How do I know what spine size I need for a thermal cover?

Please reference the spine size guide.

Can I thermal bind laminated sheets into a book?
This is not recommended due to the varying types of laminate on the market. We would be more than happy to send your sample thermal covers for testing purposes.

Can the outside of my soft thermal cover be laminated? The inside?

Yes the outside of the soft thermal cover can be laminated. The inside of the thermal cover can not be laminated.

Are these products made in the USA?
Yes! FOB Olathe, KS

Do you sell to end users?
No. Pro-Bind only sells through a distributor network that resell our products. Please contact us if you would like information about a distributor in your area.

Where do I send artwork?
Mail: 15290 S. Keeler, Olathe KS 66062


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