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Continuing Education - September 2011


Tax Season

Tax season is right around the corner and I'm sure some of us feel like we just paid our taxes! Now is the time to set appointments with Accountants, CPAs and Tax Firms.

Accounting is a highly competitive service industry dominated by image-conscious firms. Accounting firms want presentation products that are high quality and do not allow documents to be easily altered. Once you have penetrated the Accounting Firm, the vertical market opportunities are endless. Below I have highlighted different types of accounting firms, who to target and what products you should have the most success with.

We will be sending out a great promotion that will help you in the Accounting Market. Look for it in your inbox! If you need a price quote or free samples please contact Gayla Gardenhire.

Now go out & have your best week ever - and sell more Pro-Bind!

As always - if you need product information, quotes or free sample please contact myself or Gayla Gardenhire.

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Tax FoldersIndependent Certified Public Accountants

Certified Public Accounts are frugal and conservative buyers. His/Her budget is tight. The demand for quality is high. Distributor's loyalty is like none other!

The great thing about working with Independent CPAs is you are talking to the decision maker and the person that will give you the order. Independent CPAs are the CEO, Executive Assistant, A/R, A/P and janitor of their business. Be respectful of their time! Show them how income tax folders will not only elevate their respective professionalism but also save them time!

Why custom/personalized income tax folders?

Affordable - A high quality tax folder retails for as low at $0.82 each for only 1000 pieces.

Reorders - Not only for you, but also for the independent CPA's. If his/her name and phone number is on the previous year tax return the customer will be more like to return to that CPA for them to do their taxes again and again.

Time Saver - No more late night trips to the office supply store. He/She can make one call to you and let you do all the work for them!

Thermal CoversAccounting Firms

Larger accounting firms have a great supply demand. Income Tax Folders are a necessity. The reorders will be more consistent. The true hook into accounting firms is providing the complete Pro-Bind System.

These types of firms will most likely have a centralized marketing or purchasing department. It is best to start making contact with the marketing manager or director and allow them to pass you off the appropriate individual. Don't discount the Marketing Administrative Assistant! Titles can be very deceiving, and at the very least can put in a good for you.

Equipment and thermal soft covers will do three things:

Elevate their presentation and professionalism. With custom thermal covers they can be as daring or conservative with their artwork as the firm is.

Provide a safe and secure way to bind income tax copy records. The documents will not fall out after years in storage.

Set their corporate firms apart from all the other accounting firms. Unfortunately, not every accounting firm has a thermal binding system in use. They will be the first!

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