Continuing Education

Continuing Education - October 2011


Printed Calendars

Printed Calendars are NOT extinct!  Did you know that 78% of business have printed calendars in their office?  76% of calendars in business are for advertising or promotional vehicles.  Now is the time to talk to your existing customer about his/her calendar needs!

In this month's continuing education we will highlight calendars, who to sell to and example of types of calendars.

As always - if you need product information, quotes or free sample please contact myself or Gayla Gardenhire.

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Foil StampSchools - The Obvious Market Focus

All schools K-12 use month-view and week-view calendars. One of the benefits of an American-printed calendar, is the capabilities to personalize or customize the text at no additional cost. Include the final schedule, teacher in-service days, and homecoming to make it the school's own calendar! Making a product personal will encourage the on-going use of the product.

In smaller school districts that are typically comprised of one High School, one Junior High/Middle School and one Elementary School - target the superintendents and his/her executive assistant. These types of school districts will most likely combine all 3 building schedules in one calendar. This will help save money and to help parents to reference only one calendar!

In larger school districts that include multiple High Schools, many more Junior High/Middle Schools and hundreds of Elementary Schools you need to target each building's principal. The initial time investment is greater, but so is the outcome. The reorders are consistent and faithful.

DebossB2B Giveaways and Gifts

Thank yous via email occur every day.  Taking the time to personally thank a customer does not.  A tangible gift is not easily forgotten and has a longer shelf life.  Presenting a high-end journal calendar will keep your name in front of the customer all year long.  The longer thank you gifts hang around an office with YOUR name, the more exposure you have. 

People want to do business with people that they like and with people who stand out from the crowd.  If it's your number 1 customer or your 73rd, everyone wants to feel like he/she is the most important client to your business.  Personalize your calendar gifts with inspiring quotes, monthly promotions/offers, new product focuses that show off your businesses personality and flare.  Even if your customer uses a smart device to keep his/her calendar - it's the thought that counts! 

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