Continuing Education

Continuing Education - October 2010


Foil Stamp vs. Deboss vs. Emboss

Let Pro-Bind simplify in this month's Continuing Education the difference between coated and uncoated paper as well as which decorating method works best on what material. Be on the look out for this month's special, FREE Shipping on Tax Folders!

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Foil StampCoated Paper

Coated papers have a smooth gloss or semi-gloss finish to one or both sides. Because of the coating, ink looks sharper because it doesn't bleed into the paper and blur, so detailed offset printing and especially four color process works best on these stocks. Presidential Dull Coat and High Gloss White are two coated papers that Pro-Bind offers.

DebossUncoated Paper

Uncoated papers have no coating on them, which leaves them with a rough, more natural feel. These papers tend to soak up ink, so they are best suited for simple (one color) offset print. Foil stamping or embossing are particularly well suited for decorating these papers. Pro-Bind offers several uncoated sheets including Prestige and Elegant Linen, Executive Grooved, Flannel and Carnival Smooth.

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