Continuing Education

Continuing Education - May 2010


Vinyl Binders vs. Poly Binders vs. Turned Edge Binders

Vinyl, Poly and Turned Edge Binders... so many different styles to choose from, but what is the difference between these three binders? Let Pro-Bind simplify in this month's Continuing Education.

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Jeff Kohn



Vinyl BindersVinyl Binders

Vinyl Binders are made with 2 pieces of vinyl heat sealed over chipboard. Pro-Bind offers these binders in many colors with several finishes, and they can be silkscreened, foil stamped and debossed.

Poly Binders
Poly Binders

Poly Binders, which are often referred to as plastic binders, come in multiple poly gauges. The one-piece construction of these binders makes them extremely durable. These binders can be silkscreened as well as foil stamped.

Turned Edge Binders
Turned Edge Binders

Turned Edge Binders are created by wrapping an outside liner over chipboard and gluing on an inner liner. They are perfect for offset printing and can be foil stamped as well.


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