Continuing Education

Continuing Education - June 2010


4 Color Process Proofing Procedures

Let Pro-Bind simplify in this month's Continuing Education the correct proofing procedures for printing 4 Color Process. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3.....

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Best regards and sell more Pro-Bind!

Jeff Kohn



Submitting Artwork

Pro-Bind prefers artwork to be submitted as an EPS File with all text converted to outlines. Once you have the proper format for your artwork, it will need to be submitted to: From there it will be reviewed by our Art Department to make sure your files will work properly for printing purposes. If everything checks out our next step is to create a PDF proof.

PDF Proof

Once the proper format of artwork is submitted you will receive a PDF proof.  The PDF proof is for layout purposes only.  Double check that all artwork is in the correct position and that indeed all the correct art is included in your proof:  phone number, e-mail addresses, websites, etc. If this is correct fax or e-mail back your signed off written approval. Once it is received it is time to go to matchprint.


Once you approve your PDF proof, we will then produce your matchprint.  The matchprint is what our pressmen will actually use to make sure the colors are printed correctly on your final product.  The actual matchprint will be sent out to you for approval.  When you receive the matchprint make sure the colors on the matchprint match how you would like them to look on your final product.  If everything matches, all the artwork is there and the colors are correct, you need to sign off on the actual matchprint and send back to Susan at Pro-Bind.  Once Susan receives the signed matchprint back, the job will be scheduled for the press!


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