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Continuing Education - July 2010


Frequently Asked Questions About Artwork

How does Pro-Bind prefer art? What programs does Pro-Bind currently have? Where should you email your artwork and what is Pro-Bind's FTP site? Let Pro-Bind simplify in this month's Continuing Education.

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Best regards and sell more Pro-Bind!

Jeff Kohn


How does Pro-Bind prefer to receive artwork?

For binders, folders and tabs we prefer eps files with all text converted to outlines.  Converting text to outlines eliminates many font related problems.  PDF files would be our second choice because we can usually convert these to eps files.  For Content Sheets we prefer PDF files.

What programs does Pro-Bind currently have?

We currently have: * Quark 7.1 * InDesign CS5 * Illustrator CS5 * Photoshop CS5 When sending in art in Quark or InDesign make sure to send in all supporting documents (fonts and images) used in the layout. If you do a "collect for output" or "package", the program will make a copy of everything and place it in a folder to be emailed.

How should artwork be submitted?

Email artwork to: Or contact Susan Pedley for information regarding Pro-Bind's FTP site at 888-747-2150.

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