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Continuing Education - January 2010



Let Pro-Bind simplify in this month's Continuing Education the various different proofing processes. From PDF proofs, to Matchprints, to Pre-Production Samples and Skin Proofs. We will help you to understand which proof is best for your project!

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PDF Proofs

Every order that comes through our plant receives a PDF proof at no charge. This proofing process is a digital proof to show you the layout of your artwork onto one our standard product templates. Be sure to double check your artwork on the template to make sure none of your provided artwork is missing. For example, are all the fonts the same, is the logo in the correct position, etc? Also, be sure to take a look at the upper left corner of your PDF proof to verify PMS Colors, product size, and quantity.


Matchprints are required when printing 4 Color Process products. Our pressmen use these matchprints to match the colors to on the final run of your project. Once you approve your PDF proof for layout purposes we will produce a matchprint. This proof is printed on a special printer that is calibrated to our press. The matchprint is then sent out to you for final approval. You want to make sure on the matchprint that all your artwork is in the correct position and that all fonts, logos, etc. are all correct. Lastly, make sure that the colors on the matchprint look the way you want them to look on your finished project. If all of this is correct, sign and date your matchprint and send back to us. Once we receive the matchprint back your project is then released to our plant for production. Changes made to artwork after a matchprint is sent may require additional charges.

Skin Proofs and Pre-Production Samples

Skin Proofs can be produced for Vinyl or Poly Products. A Skin Proof is when we take a piece of your chosen vinyl or poly color and silkscreen your provided artwork onto the material sample. This shows you what your artwork will look like silkscreened onto your material, but it is not a completed finished piece. If you are wanting an actual finished sample, this would be called a Pre-Production sample. A Pre-Production Sample, for example, would be when we take that skin proof we spoke of earlier and actually make a finished product sample for you. This would include any pockets you might want, label holders, etc. as well as the metals riveted into the binder. Pre-Production Samples can be made on any vinyl, poly or paper products and actually show you what your finished product will look like when the entire order is produced. Prices vary depending on the product.


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